Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mt Hamilton, Shakuhachi, Pandora and A Box Of Chocolates

Mt Hamilton Azaleas, 3' X 4', inquire here for print.

This is from Mt. Hamilton (US National Arboretum, Azalea Collection), the only mountain in DC.  It is covered in azaleas--way over the top visually--technicolor woods. 

And this is from an email I sent my friend Eric Christmas eve. 

Is this thing on?  New dimensions in music--  I got an email ad that wanted to sell Dueter CDs, and suddenly my itunes played 29 seconds of a sample and then went right into the next thing on my list which happened to be " there must be some way outa here"  and I thought, how irritating, so I redirected to some shakahachi flute.  While I was waiting I flipped on Pandora and the Vata station was on and the most incredible music started playing.  Deep meditation set in.  It was quite a while before I realized that both itunes and pandora were playing at the same time--instant custom music.   It was somewhere between Ayurveda and Zen--I hope I come out of this trance soon,  I'm sitting here typing in my Ravens Jersey waiting for the game, and I'm traveling through some very interesting random yet innocent space at the moment.   Now theres a banjo strumming with formal Japanese flute fluttering along complete with audible breaths.  Talk about a box of chocolates!  Charles Ives indeed.  Now theres plains indian tomtoms going, two different kinds of flute, Japanese zen guys breathing and a piano.  A half hour's gone by with no end in sight.  Next thing you know it'll be Christmas with all that to deal with.  I'm getting lost.


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