Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Does The Artist Meditate?

Along The Gunpowder, 26" X 36", inquire here for print.
 OK I know what you're thinking.  Here we go, another one of those chakra guys, selling stuff he claims will help you to attain some state of mind if you stare at it long enough.  Well not exactly. 

I'm just suggesting that the artistic process--any creative process can be highly meditative--if it is approached that way.  I think that much of what characterizes great art is the evidence that the artist moved beyond this world here below and went on effortlessly in a kind of quest where the resulting product was a secondary issue.  This way of working produces fresh works that are never self conscious and over worked--elements just fall into place, and the whole thing looks obvious and easy. 

When I look at a great work of art, I always wonder about the one doing the painting and all the hundreds of hours involved.  Meditation had to be involved.   I suspect that the whole allure of making art is in the process--the head journey.   There's a whole nother world in an art piece, and yes I am a head case. 

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