Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Box Of Crayons

Apple Tree, 8 X 10, 1985, inquire here for print.
 So I got this new box of marker crayons and went out sketching.  Alright I stole them from my daughter.  I'm not sure if it was exploring the medium, the walk, the tree or the dashes themselves that I was having a go at.  Probably all of it.  I remember years before noting that all my pencil drawings looked like this stylewise, and forced myself to smudge my work up and use some gray already. 

This new medium was perfect for my natural style and my aversion to the goo of art.  I had made a conscious decision not to go around with paint all over myself  because I was trying to impress the Doctor into approving my marrying his daughter.  My best efforts were for naught.  He hated my guts for a few years until he realized I wasn't really a kreep.  Today is our 34th anniversary.  The Doctor's 86, and calls here three times a day with the same question.  "I'm confused.  What day is it?"  I think "exactly" and tell my wife to just love him up.

This drawing, the old pencil style, the smudgy drawings and sheer admiration for Jim Dine and his paintbrushes  (with all that plate fouling left in his work), started all kinds of wheels turning. 


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Jala Pfaff said...

And this is super cool. Like Van Gogh on drugs. Well done!