Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Great Amen

Meditation Field 1, "17 X 23", 1998 (or so), inquire here for print.
 It is truly amazing to think that everything we see here in the macrocosm is the sum total of countless numbers of little events occurring in the microcosm.  Those aforementioned sounds coming out of the void in stunning order. 

Ah yes but is it intelligent? 

I don't know but it seems to me that the resulting universe has developed itself to the point where it can know itself. 

The word conscious comes from the Latin con, the ability to, and scius (scire—know), knowledge.  Consciousness—that' characterizes us—mankind.  The ability of the universe to perceive itself —human consciousness is the evolutoonary target.  The target is too tiny, yet it os so specific for it not to have been intended all along.  We're talking about all development through time—numberless sound-like events all thumping along in in perfect order in anticipation of eventually perceiving itself.   Of course it was all intentional from the start! 

So anywhere you look, what are you actually seeing, all that macrocosm, all that microcosm?  What might it really look like?  Talk about plein air, and painting what you see!

And who is it making the little sound? and doing all the intending? 

    "The Amen, the faithful Witness and true, the Source of God's creation..." 
     Revelations 3:14

That creative intentionality surrounds us like a dense infinite soup, endlessly breathing its ubiquitous word Amen (aum, om, amin, hummm), closer to us than air.  No wonder there are artists echoing the creative intentionality always, it's in our souls. 

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