Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stealth Art

Fast Slowpitch, 4.5" X 6", 2011, inquire here for print.

Just saw "Exit Through The Gift Shop" (Netflix) and I'm shocked.  To think art could be made at night in the public streets by hoodlums with spray cans.  There ought to be a law.  Art should be under control by the gatekeepers and locked away by galleries so that absolutely no one who can't afford it can look at it.  This rabble.  This mob let loose while the unsuspecting populace sleeps.   I'm beside myself.  Artists should have to pay their dues by begging people with the compassion of a baked bean to show their work.   Art shouldn't be for just anybody.  How dare these imposters--these intruders.    Hoolegans.  From rats to riches.  They're having way too much fun.  Humph.

I really liked the stencils and Space Invader tiles  and the stick on paintings...

OK I'm jealous.  See this film, seriously.


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Atul Pande said...

I absolutely get the jealousy part......! Nice blog.