Tuesday, May 1, 2012

There Goes The Neighborhood

Alumni House, State University of New York at Cortland
The thing is, it's not really my house.  
(I do have the old clawfoot tub next to the driveway, though (now she thinks I'm deliberately trying to bring down real estate prices here in sunny Overlea)).  

This is the grand Alumni House at SUNY Cortland, New York.  In the last post I showed the  duotone base drawing in brown and black ink, and this is how the final project turned out in color.  The approval process yielded only two minor changes, one of which was to deepen the brick color--both easily resolved in Photoshop.   Great project start to finish and the people at SUNY were super to work with. 



John Brisson said...

He's back!!!!!

L.W.Roth, said...

Fantastic! So glad you are back. This painting took a bit of time and effort. It's wonderful Bill. I like your loosening up texture drawings too. There's something fascinating about cross hatching and blending densities--better than playing Solitaire. --I gave up following you I think--so I'm following you again or I'm following you twice--can't have two many followers!

John Simlett said...

Hi Bill,

Linda Roth reckons I should look you up - she say's we have a lot in common ...deepest sympathies if that is the case :0).

Well she's right, I love your stuff.

I've become a follower, hope you don't mind.

RH Carpenter said...

Paint it a pretty color and put the claw-foot tub in the front yard and plant some flowers in it! That should appease her :)
Good to have you back!

William Cook said...

Rhonda--Na. I'd have to put it between the swimming pool and the bote. Besides, we're a lot more classy here in Overlea. Love ya, Rhonda.