Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bathroom Renovation Break Over

I'm still on the planet!  Thanks to everyone who has been curious as to my strange disappearance last September and sent a note.  A lot has gone on that took me away from the daily habit of blogging.  So just to get me back in the mood, I took my new easel that I cobbled together out of my camera tripod and my old plein air kit--and went out front to sketch the place.  Anybody want to buy an old clawfoot tub?  It's still sittin on the side porch behind the third bush to the left.  She's getting antsy about having it around because of what the neighbors might be saying.    

I haven't got a clue what this is other than something to entertain the beast while I took a break.  Starting to feel rested.  

I'll try not to let 7 months go by before the next post.  



SamArtDog said...

Well, howdy-do and welcome back! Yes, I noticed (and-a-half) that you were absent, but I figured that absence can happen to anyone without them having to explain it unless and until they want to. So, instead of the need to know, I decided to settle for letting the cake bake. Hope it's out of the oven now and the toothpick came out clean.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

GREAT to see you back!

Steven W. Dunn said...

Great to have you back!! I missed you. Hope you stay awhile.
Looks like a clawfoot tub would be right at home in this lovely mansion. Maybe you could bring plumbing to the side porch and have baths a la nature.

William Cook said...

Hi Sam--So great to hear from you--thanks for the note. Means a lot. I'll get around to explaining all this eventually. Funny you should mention something coming out of the oven--I'm a brand new grandfather! And today Blake's first tooth came out clean as a whistle [and sharp as a razor]. We channeling something here or what?

Hey Katherine! Thanks--although I do need to re-establish the habit of it all. I would like to get back into some art making too--for my mental health--I'm serious about needing a rest from all the weirdness and confusion going on out there.

Hi Steven--Thanks for that comment. I'll try to be a bit more present. Those seven months went by quick, but we got a whole new bathroom out of it, and now I'm an expert on mystery Babylon and the new world order. Completely fried my brain. Time for some big art makin'. That's a great idea about running some pipe out to the porch and sneak out at night for a dip. And I could hook up the old radiator right next to it in case there's a chill in the air. Best regards!

John Brisson said... knew I'd check! Guessing the break was much needed and we will be the beneficiaries of the rest period. Nice to have you back.


PAMO ART said...

Welcome back!!! I'd love to buy an old clawfoot tub... but I have no where to put it.
Your house rendering is beyond spectacular and your 'entertain the beast' paintings have character. You are the king of texture!
I thought of you just yesterday and when I checked your blog- there you were. Love it when that happens!

William Cook said...

Hey John--Thanks again.

Hi Pam--I'm so happy you checked. Thanks so much for your support and for mailing me the PAMOzine a couple months ago. Very cool idea. All the best to you and Jeff.

Patty Oblack said...

I agree with the pack, it's about time you came out of the bushes, good to know you're still on the planet Bill!

Patricia Oblack said...

Hey buddy, good to see you're back & on the planet.

William Cook said...

Hi Patty--Thanks so much! You're right--no excuses--I've been remiss. I have to keep telling myself that in spite of all the foolishness going on in the world there is art, and art is divine. Best! Wm


good to see you posting again cross hatching don't know what it is ...break .......impressive work william

William Cook said...

HI Jane! Thanks. All the best!