Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Meek, Like A War Horse", Klahn

Christ As Horse Rider, 14 X 18, Ink, inquire here for print.
I was so taken by Casey Klahn 's comment in the previous post, that I couldn't resist using it as the title here, and showing the second of the Hittite triptych.  His comment is incredibly insightful--as it always is--that's definitely a war horse. 

The third of the Hittite Triptych was sold to the artist Jill Dodson, an equestrian, equestrian portrait and plein aire painter.  She admired the movement of all that horseflesh, and wanted to know where I studied horse anatomy.  Horse anatomy?  Where do you study that?  I pled ignorance as usual.  Something tells me Casey's going to say, "Stop whining already and just call it a diptych".

Anyway, the image emerged from rapid scribbling--whole arm movements--gesturals.  I used a rolling writer because, well, the ink could fly out of it fast enough.  Many times in this kind of drawing I would actually wear the ball down and part of the pen tip by shear abrasion.  The ink would run out and the resulting friction would cause this.  The fouling effects are made with charcoal dust and an eraser. 



RH Carpenter said...

I would have loved to see this created, William. It sounds similar (but so much more advanced) to my figure exercises and "tryings." Your previous post really struck me - what a strong image you placed in our minds of a Christ as warrior, not shepherd of lambs. I am not a Christian (I'm a Buddhist) - after reading a few past posts, it seems that you may be a mix of both with each percentage just about right :) I'm enjoying viewing your past works and posts.

William Cook said...

RH--What an absolutely incredible observation. I have studied Buddhism in many forms from Japanese Zen to Siddharta to Thich Nhat Hanh. I don't see Buddhism as an athestic religion the way it's spoon fed to us. I see it in a greater sense as a very modern scientific religion in plain language with all the metaphors stripped away. Judaism and Christianity tend to be all clouded over in misinterpreted metaphor from ancient languages no longer spoken so that one needs an extensive education to get at the meaning of it all. Forgiveness I understand. Follow me to the cross as I get rid of the ego that causes all our misery I understand. Resurection or transcendance into the highest states of consciousness I get. But isn't that all Buddhism? And aren't there also the crazoid Buddhists that misinterpret their own religion? You could say I'm a healthy combination of both (and a lover of both). It would be most accurate to think of me as a Gnostic Christian Buddhist Yogi, however. I really did have that experience Christ with a sword, although itself a metaphor. I think Christ as warrior or judge comes about later in Revelations if I'm not mistaken. Anyway thanks again for commenting, hope we get to discuss all this again. Wm

L.W.Roth, said...

Well William, you're quite the artist. I am flattered by your visit to my site. Your architectural drawings blew me away and these scribbles fascinate this person who loves line and scribbling and painting with full arm motion. Gestural drawing does provide balance and more: free association, a peek into the soul. Your process is most interesting--what is a rolling writer? (I'm guessing it's not a roller ball pen from Staples)? I came to your site to see what you're about. From one who's still looking, it's nice to meet a guy who figured it out earlier. Thanks for following. Oh, thanks for the heads up on plain air drawing outside my own yard too. I always knew it's a jungle out there,but I wouldn't have expected to find threats in a field. (You do know your greens. I like the panels)

Anonymous said...

Bill, I have been looking in on you but haven't commented much. I'm like that sometimes, preferring to observe.
Lately, I feel as though I've been stalking you around the blogosphere because everywhere I go, you've left a comment. And your comments are funny and insightful! You've had me laughing all morning.
Your work in this post is stunning and I enjoyed hearing your process. It fascinates me the depth you've captured with shading and tone. I love the abstracted quality with just enough realism that an old fuddy duddy like me can see it for more than just design.
Art on!

William Cook said...

Hi LW--That's it. Rolling Ball pens--you get a whole box of them for a few bucks--nothing fancy here--Staples, Office Depot, Walmart. You have to hang on to them though--friskey little suckers. Let em know who's boss. Thanks for your thoughtful comments! Wm

William Cook said...

Hey PAMO! I could write the exact same thing regarding your blog, which had me in stitches all morning, and you comments all over the place. It's Kandinsky's fault (I'm so happy Kathy's re-emerged). Anyway, thanks for commenting--means a lot coming from such a talented writer and cartoonist. That silent communication between you and the animals is brilliant--and it also shows up in your 'writing by implication" style--so much more coming through than the actual written words. Best regards to you and Jeff. Wm

Casey Klahn said...

It's a great compliment just to be thought of by you. The greatest compliment ever paid me was to be noticed by Jesus Christ, who took my sins upon the cross.

I can't take any credit for the war horse imagery. That was my Systematic Theology professor in college. He has gone on to see the Lord since then, but now the guy who teaches ST at my Alma Mater is a classmate, who also paid me the compliment of buying a painting.

I admire your knowledge of cultural and world religions, too, William. Some day we'll talk about all of this.

Makes me want to do some drawing, now.

William Cook said...

Thanks so much, Casey. My friend John, the 2nd most knowledgible Bible scholar I know, dropped over Sunday afternoon, and I showed him your war horse observation.

He perked up and said, "Hey that's Biblical!" and went on to explain that, for it's own survival, a powerful warhorse must obey the most subtle commands of its master without question, and therefore is the very definition of what it is to be meek. I realized that there was way more substance to your comment and felt stupid --thought you were going to be biting my head off. Your comments are so appreciated! What a relief!

I would relish a chance to have that discussion--neat idea.

Also thanks for putting me on to Sippican Cottage--couldn't hit the follow button fast enough. What a writer!