Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Was Once A Heathen

Chi Rho 1, 8 X 10, Ink, inquire here for print.

Chi Rho 2, 8 X 10, Ink, inquire here for print.
Chi Rho 3, 8 X 10, Ink, inquire here for print.
Chi Rho 4, 8 X 10, Ink, inquire here for print.
My first encounter with Christ was not pleasent.  He caught sight of me in the throng and with no hesitation charged at me full speed on a white stallion with a four foot long blade drawn, standing in the stirrups, like a Samauri. 

His face was expressionless but intent on his mission.  In one graceful gesture the sword came around and lopped both of my legs off at the knees and I went down onto the stumps.  Definately got my attention.  As I wept bitterly, begging forgiveness for my arrogance and posturing as someone great, I thought in the back of my mind, this is not the whimpy Christ I've always heard about. 

This being was no joke.  He showed up often after that.  Beat me severly about the head.  Now I'm more inclined to forgive my fellow man, and I'm not so arrogant anymore.  The thing is that he was right all along--I was wrong.  Now we're friends at least--first name basis.

Measure twice, cut once.



John Brisson said...


hw (hallie) farber said...

These are wonderful and I recognized them on some level even before I googled Chi-Rho. I don't think this symbol was mentioned during my Southern Baptist upbringing.

William Cook said...

Hey John--Thanks!

Hi Hallie--I grew up with it--Methodist. Thanks for commenting.


Casey Klahn said...

Xristós - a good meditation. He is much like the term "meek," which was explained to me once as meek, like a war horse.

Jan Yates, SCA said...

you certainly have a way with words!

These are fascinating--to me the symbols look like they are embedded under skin and hair --i don't know what mediums you work with but the variations in approach are intriguing-i love line and what you do with yours-so immediate and visceral in areas but then quiet passages and openings--i was rather taken aback when i saw the year of your earlier post as I see a connection with these-do you at all?
*thanks also for your comments re my work--the wee one you said was your favourite was stolen...

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Your meditation brought me right back to my years at seminary when angel wings and tinkling bells gave way under the weight of blood conqueror Logos.

William Cook said...

Hi Casey--Spot on as usual--"meek like a war horse". Perfect.

Hi Jan--Thanks. So you've noticed the multitude of approaches I've used over the years. I do see the connections in that all this work was done by the same guy--me. These scribble ink drawings all came from the same era, as I was seeking shear intensity from the medium. Yup--visceral and immediate sure does sum up what I was after--your own painting hits me that way. Stolen? I hate when that happens. How did the riff-raff get up on the escarpment? This is outrageous. Harumph! Wm

Hi Katherine--Seminary? I would love to hear the back story. "Blood conquerer Logos" carries my little metaphoric story even deeper as one realizes that this is the emblem that
Constantine saw in his vision, and ultimately adopted Christianity as the state religion. Then he wiped out anyone that disagreed with him. Oooooo! Good one. Or have I completely misunderstood your reference? In which case, "never mind". Wm said...

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William Cook said...

Hi Newton--Welcome! Thank you for your interest and for following my blog. Thank you also for youl blog. Your work is wonderful! Regards, Wm