Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rowland Hall School And The Advice Of A Good Dentist.

Roland Hall School, Salt Lake City, Utah, McCarthy/Steiner Campus
copr William Cook, 2013

Roland Hall School, Salt Lake City, Utah, Lincoln Street Campus
copr William Cook, 2013

Now that I'm spending all my money at the dentist's, with me in the chair going over the 
fine points of campus illustration and all that comes out resembles whale sounds, Tom is
 staring down at me with these really geeky (but high-powered) loupes.  And it occurred to 
me that wow, I need those loupes. for these campuses.  The detail in this work is killing what 
eyesight I have left.  I use two pairs of cheaters wired together, and work three 
inches off the surface of the paper.  This is miniature drawing--and I cram as 
much detail into these as I can--or imply it anyway.  My eye-wear gets me 
into the action, all right, but the headaches--man.  Tom gave me the number.  

As for the project, another deadline met with two days to spare.



SamArtDog said...

Yeah. Eyes, teeth and knees. Sigh.
Our dentist turned us onto some rad magnifiers. splinter escapes. But damn, they're ugly!

Exquisite drawings!

Linda Roth said...

Congratulations--and TG that's over. I believe it when you say headaches and nose to the grindstone. I've been there. Afterwards, the back always needed loving care too. But a job well done. Folks will be happy.

hw (hallie) farber said...

Wow! Save some money for the ophthalmologist.

William Cook said...

Hi Sam--My knees are killing me--you are so right. Hunched over the table isn't doing my knees and legs any good either. Also, I'd be interested in knowing more about those magnifiers, ugly or not. Do drop me a line with some information. All the best.

Hi Linda--I know you must have experienced all of the above in your career. Amazingly my back fared well this time;it's always temperamental. Thanks for dropping by, best.

Hi Hallie--Good point. Time for a check-up. Thanks!