Sunday, March 17, 2013

Same Clowns Different Circus

The Gotelli Dwarf Conifer Collection, US National Arboretum, Washington DC,
copr William Cook, 2008

OK, something a bit different.  Same media--pen and ink, colored pencil, graphite.  Only difference is that there is nothing random.  This is an architectural piece.  Each off those squiggly blobs actually looks like the plant that's there.  Some licence has been used to keep the pathways visually open.  After all, primary usage was as a wayfinding map.  Still, it's not that different than the work I've been showing--dots and dashes.
Go ahead and enlarge it.  There's a lot there.     

"Originally located on the property of William Gotelli in New Jersey, the core of the collection was donated to the Arboretum in 1962. It is now one of the most comprehensive collections of dwarf conifers in the world. (USNA Website)



RH Carpenter said...

Nice crow's eye view of what looks like a lovely walk :) Happy St. Patrick's Day, Bill.

Gatepost productions said...

A great image, Bill; you do these so well and they are so compelling. The enlarging is really needed to fully appreciate the fine detail. Love it!

BTW in answer to your question on USS Chesapeake: The Naval Architect & Builder, Josiah Fox a British Shipwright employed by the Americans, launched her at the Gosport Navy Yard on 2 December 1799

William Cook said...

Hi Rhonda--You bet. It's a wonderland walking through this garden. It's not that huge, but would take a couple hours. If you ever get to DC, head for the Arboretum--it would be worth the trip. Thanks for your wonderful comment.

Hi John--Thanks. I suppose that's the dilemma with pen and ink, as the richness is always in the intricate lace-like detail. Have you ever taken a magnifying glass to a Rembrandt etching. It's a whole vacation. You're inspiring me to get back to (or at least post) some pen and ink pieces. I really like your store idea. How's it going thus far? All the best.

John Brisson said...

Morning William...thanks for the comments on my Youtube posts.

I'm working on a pen and ink right now for a solarplate etching. Wish I had your talent. This might take me a long, long time, and at my age, well...