Monday, March 16, 2015

Reunion after 33 years

New Foot Bridge, Old Power Plant, 1982

This piece was rescued from the local Good Will Store.  I last saw it in 1982 when it left for an exhibit.  The other day Dave DeCarlo saw it and snapped it up.  He located me via internet search, and offered to bring it by so I could see it after all these years.  I always considered it one of my best pieces and was excited and not a little emotional at the prospect of the reunion.  Never got a decent picture of it, but I do now. Thanks so much Dave, you've made me very happy.

The other power plant piece from a few posts back was the companion piece.  I had forgotten that.

Is that not a cool story?  

Barricade, 1982



RH Carpenter said...

I am glad this gorgeous drawing returned to you!! It is well worth keeping this time - too precious to loan or give away.

William Cook said...

Hi Rhonda--It's wonderful to hear from you. I didn't think anyone would even notice, I've bee absent for so long. All the best--W

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Great project! I appreciate your work......You do have a great talent.

Andrew Finnie said...

yes it's a wonderful story, it's one of those meant to be ones - and both are beautiful,