Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Door

The Door With Arch, 14.5 X 17, copr William Cook, 1982

I don't know what's in there.  It's probably creepy.  There's probably cobwebs.
Maybe this entrance only appears on this brick wall to some but not to most.
What's with the heads?  and 1206. What is that?  No body's been in there for
 a while--no footprints.  What decrepit hand last closed this old door?  Still,
I bet it's warmer in there than it is out here, especially after
the sun goes down.  Should I...

Just for the record, this has been one of my favorites over the years.  It
sets off my imagination like it should mean something symbolically, or
have some historical significance (which no doubt it does).
 I mean  Jacob Marley lives here right--forging the old chain
 link by link?

No, it's just an old abandoned doorway, nothing special--
great light though.

So is this too spooky for prime time?
What do you think?



William Cook said...
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William Cook said...

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John Brisson said...

Morning...well your post definitely does not suck so it might be the comment part is having issues. I'll email you also so you know I tried.


William Cook said...

Tried the above Anonymous from a buddy's cell, and everything worked. Now that you sent this message everything seems to be functional. Thanks so much for your help.


brilliant work william

William Cook said...

Thanks Jane!