Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paper Making With A Vengence

Metamorphing Maryland with Sketch from a Photo Reject, 2013

Metamorphing Maryland With Kitchen Chair In Sunlight, 2013

Another long absence. I've been morphing and metamorphing into and out of many things.
One good thing is that talk radio is gone.  Youtube is way better.  And that's now on it's way
out too.  The world ended as we knew it.  Ecliptics were crossed.  Nibiru landed in Russia.
The Pope quit.  The banks are going up in smoke--and the Illuminati are crawling back under
 their rocks.  What a close call.  Time to draw.

These comprise a couple afternoons of drawing.  I did about twenty of these--just from the
snapshot collection.  I'm looking for simple reflex notes from natural visual input.  Reduction to
visual rhythms of marks made by a hand--and I don't care a hoot about accuracy.  That takes care
of itself like letting the dead bury the dead as they used to say.

The fun part is the paper.  In this case I took a perfectly good map of Maryland, the armpit of the
east, the not so free state--pulverized it with extreme prejudice and reduced it to pulp in a blender.
That felt great. Then I dumped it all into a deckle.  Out came the map rearranged into a beautiful
piece of drawing paper.  I feel so devious.  I feel like getting a Guy Fawkes mask.  I get that smile
on my own face when I look at that piece of paper.



L.W.Roth, said...

Well hello there. Long time no see--and I like what I see: wonderful artistis marks on a grand surface. What is a deckle? Is that a framed screen? Did you make the paper using a vacuum vat? Curious x papermaker would like to know. Curious x papermaker learned something the hard way back then: you can burn out your blender motor being too zealous. Welcome back Bill. Your drawings are as delightful to see as your post.

Steven W. Dunn said...

Well, Hello! after so long!
Interesting reconstructed of map paper holding your beautiful lines.
I had to look up the meaning of ecliptics (should have known by paying attention to the derivatives contained within)and also learned that "The Nibiru cataclysm is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object".
Beautiful texture (along with the exciting color bits here and there) and lovely line drawing!

William Cook said...

Hi Linda--Thanks--been enjoying your portraits too! Have no idea about vacuum vat. I'll look it up. I saw some Youtube demos and couldn't resist having try. I liked putting all sorts of flotsam into the paper. Nothing sophisticated going on here. The deckle is the screen strapped to the frame. I like "artists marks". Best.

William Cook said...

Hey Steven--I have gotten so caught up in all the stuff going on on the internet, I'm exploding with [useless] information. It's all so disastrous. It's a miracle we're all still here. Your comments are appreciated, it feels wonderful to just be an artist again. Best.

John Simlett said...

Bloody brilliant, Bill - welcome back btw - A great post.

William Cook said...

Hey John--Long time no hear. I trust things are well on your end. I'm afraid I've gotten a bit cynical these days, for which I apologize. Then again I sort of like the edginess. I'll stop by later for a visit.

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

John Brisson said...

Well, well...nice to have you back. I have a moon phase app on my blog. Might need something like that for your coming and going. Happy the absence was self imposed and you're well.


William Cook said...

Hi Steve--Got a big red flag warning me not to open your blog. Thought you might like to know this. Otherwise thanks for your interest in my humble nonsense. All the best, Wm

Hey John--Thanks for dropping by. You're right I'm turning into a time traveler. That's it. OMG I'm a reptilian.

agus said...



William Cook said...

Hey Agus--Thanks for stopping by. All the best!