Monday, July 9, 2012

What Blueprints Do At Night

Vector I Inverted, c Wm Cook, 1979

Vector  I, c Wm Cook, 1979

Took this to a gallery in Boston 33 years ago and the girl who knew everything there was to know about art said she didn't like the spots.  I said that the spots were like necessary.  She said nevertheless, and I got the bum's rush.  Perhaps I should have used another response and got all arty and everything.   

"I'm like really liking these reversed.  They're like more like the sut of raw like energy you might see in like outer space or in between the sut of atoms or something.   Then there's the sound.  I think I'm hearing extreme high pitches in my head like in the reversed version, while the original version is like softer and more comfortable--earthy--sut of."  

I'm still spooked.  Never was any good at artspeak. 



L.W.Roth, said...

I think the spots break up the space in that portion of the work and being the same shade as the central area of the linear portion look like they might be particles that have broken away. I like them. It is like matter floating in space. One gallery rejection is not enough. Get out there and gather some more till you hear what you want to hear--said the person who doesn't leave her kitchen. But these are quite sophisticated, I think there's a sophisticated gallery out there who would think so too.

William Cook said...

Thanks so much Linda. I very much agree about the blotches and spots. They are adding another level of information that increases the dimension and depth of these. Without them they're not substantial enough. I've always been a fan of the idea of patina. The older and crustier the better. You're right about the galleries--maybe I should give them another whack.

RH Carpenter said...

You had me at the title! ha ha Beautiful, earthy (but not earthbound) meditations on life and everything inside and outside of it, Bill. Keep going - and I agree with Linda; if you're up to it, give it another go.

William Cook said...

Hi Rhonda--Your words are very encouraging. That title came out of nowhere and I just sat here chuckling. Had to use it whether or not it made any sense. I have had so many negative experiences with galleries that I rather like the idea of just bypassing them somehow using internet venues. It's all so confusing. You're right though, of course. I really need to get get out there and thrash around like everyone else. Maybe the thrashing becomes the art in stead of meditation---ha ha.

William Cook said...

Hallie posted the following:

I'm convinced fruits and vegetables play at night--why not blueprints?

Is sut the same as soot?

Hi Hallie--Now that I think about it, that title does have a little Hallie in it. I've got quite a collection here in the back of my mind. As for sut or soot, I suppose it depends on what art school you come from. I met an artist from New England once who said "saught" all drawn out like. You've noticed this?

This is the second time The publish button wiped out the message. Sorry for the confusion.

William Cook said...

Dan Kent said the following:

I like both of them - they evoke different moods - spots and all.

Hi Dan--I was indignant over the spots issue. How dare they. That piece of paper is my kingdom and I'll do as I please. Pions. [I've been struggling all this time with a coherent response to that episode, and this is probably the best I can come up with.] I mean what do you say when some puffed up jerk pulls this on you, and you're standing there trying to be polite with a mouthful of mush, unable to say anything? I mean I felt like a first year painting student at my first critique certain I was right but afraid to say anything. That you liked my spots reflects well on your good taste, my man. I'm vindicated!

Seriously, thanks for checking in on these. I've noticed that too. Same piece, completly different moods. Great comment.

This one didn't publish either. Appologies. Either I'm doing something wrong or my publish button isn't working. Humph.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Intuition says the spots stay, of course and who are we to mess with intuition? Love the lyrical line work William.

William Cook said...

Greetings Leslie! Thanks. Absolutely! Deep inner intuition must rule the day. Otherwise we keep doing other people's art and not our own. I guess that Merton peom has really sunk in. "Lyrical" fits well in the sense of a personal song or vocabulary--wonderful comment indeed!

patricia Oblack said...

I like, like 'em too Billy! haha Don't let some stupid gallery help shush ya out the door! There are plenty of other, better & bigger doors.
Hope you r well...