Monday, June 4, 2012

White Noise: Misguided Youth

Six Four Twelve Horizontal, 9'X12, mixed media

Accidental Marks, enough to fill up a sheet, no guidance, visual white noise, art that creates itself--I'm in like.   I used to make these back in the late seventies because all the art crap would leave my mind, as I put the radio in my head between two stations and just let loose.

Actually the radio thing came from those summer vacations when I was a kid.  I would take the radio to bed and try to find distant stations late at night--faint evidence of life out there.  As I realized that all those stations playing at the same time would blend into a sort of static later called white noise, I began to prefer the static since it included everything all going on at once.  These Horizontals represent this odd sound,  all just naturally proceeding along, perceivable only through consciousness.

Just finished this one about an hour ago.  I've been revisiting the Horizontal  from time to time over the years just to check the progress.  I'm relieved to report that I'm still here in a manner of speaking.  



John Brisson said...

Makes perfect sense...

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I put the radio in my head between two stations and just let loose.

What a great visual this creates...well said.

William Cook said...

Hi John-- Agreed. In a strange way it does make perfect sense. I've always had trouble talking about these, I mean, what do you say? They're not verbal.

Hi Leslie--Thanks for checking in and for your wonderful comment! I love your sense of poetics. That idea of describing the woods in a long forgotten language is really sticking with me. This stuff I'm driven to make is not in English for sure, and your posts have been encouraging. Thank you so much.

RH Carpenter said...

In the midst of the static, we discover our own messages :) Keep 'em coming, Bill!