Monday, March 21, 2011

A Springtime Stroll En Plein Concrete

Waning Wendy Super-Burger On Concrete, Snapshot

Expansion Joint With Stain, Snapshot

Brushed Concrete With Utility Marks, Snapshot

"Yeah, I can add sand, sawdust, vermiculite, drag brooms through it, stain it,  anything goes."

"How about actually collaging a real butt right into the piece?"

"Cool!", I said, "And how about a perfectly reconstructed broken bottle embedded into the final glaze? Mondo cool!" I added, and then, "Oooo and how about a syringe.  Ever see a syringe out on a walk?"

 "Yeah, but that's kinda creepy, dad.  Besides then you've descended into mere social commentary."

"Ew.  Good point, forget the glass and the butts too.  I don't even care if they look like concrete, I just like the textures and compositions.  That and the fresh air."



hw (hallie) farber said...

A walk is never just a walk.

William Cook said...

Amen. Certainly not this one--had a blast. There's about twenty of these. It was a great excuse to get out [finally].

Anonymous said...

I admit it Bill-- I was dubious when I saw these photos. I saw a keen eye for composition but I thought surely these were meant to fool us mere neophytes.
And then I read the dialogue. Just the artist at work, no shenanigans here. Just the artist at work.

William Cook said...

This stuff has to come from somewhere, right? I'm innocent I tell ya. The sidewalks have been driving me nuts for years. Besides, I think I was inspired by your girl on the motorcycle! Ha! Thanks PAMO.

Julia Christie said...

I love the way you wield words. I really do.

Wonderful art too...sigh...I have so much to learn!

Thank you for the smile this morning and the tiny niggle your art has sparked in the creative corner of my brain, that will push and prod and make a general nuisance of itself until I start a new piece.

I love inspiration!


William Cook said...

Why thank you Julia! You made my day. And thanks for the follow! I have seen your name somewhere in my blog excursions. I am struggling myself to start something, although these photos of sidewalks are a start. Don't photos count as art? Oooo. Maybe I better not open that can of worms. OK enough chit chat. Get that brush out and have at that scary white thing. B)

SamArtDog said...

Why does staring at the Waning Wendy Super-Burger feel like looky-looing at a highway accident? Cruising the slow lane in the fresh air is dangerous.

William Cook said...

Hi Sam--It's the phenomenology of the things that's most striking. This scene was thirty feet away from a Wendy's. Someone took two bites, ripped the burger out of the bun and chucked the fricking thing across the parking lot, cursing his fool head off. This is where it sits to this day. And no animal will touch it. Maybe it was full of those things that don't chew. Idyll speculation. In any event, I almost had a coronary laughing so hard.