Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Auspicious Proclamation: Don't Call Me Guillaume

My Intense Loading Of The Freaking Camera  
A    L    L    R    I    G    H    T

The Affiant, Most High And Mighty Prince
Proclaimeth the following:

Now and at last, by the Mercy of My Massive EGO,
and in the countenance of your labors, being brought unto such a conclusion as that we have great hopes that His Especial Majesty shall reap great fruits thereby; we hold it our duty, therefore, as your blessed and most dread sovereign and King in his own mind, principal Mover and Maker of the greatest Works of Art, that YOU, humbly craving of Our Most sacred Majesty, may receive this Special Dispensation, since We, stalwart prince of Utmost quality have ever been subject to the censures of illmeaning and discontented persons, may receive approbation and patronage from such Popish Gallery Persons at home or abroad, who therefore will malign us, instead of the aforementioned Bum’s Rush altogether, in their desire to keep us in ignorance and darkness, and run their own ways, and give liking unto nothing, but that which picture is framed by themselves, and hammered on their evil anvil; wish to walk in the ways of light, 
of simplicity and integrity, and hereby GRANT UNTO YOU, our fellow
bloggers, the following grace and favor:
just call us

Further Affiant saith naught.

Apologies to James, King of Great Britain France, and
Ireland, Defender Of The Faith Etcetera, Etcetera
Medal, 3 X 4, buy a print


RH Carpenter said...

Oh, your Majesty, I am most honored! :) I KNOW there's a story behind this post?

William Cook said...

Oh you're good--I just this minute finished putting that up. Can't stop laughing. All the sudden everyone is asking if they can just call me Bill. Here I am in a position to grant something. What an unexpected riot. Of course call me Bill. 8) I'm still in like with my whitty tick, though, even though it's a little dorky. \\///\

Anonymous said...

Thus saith Bill.

Casey Klahn said...

And the decoration for good measure. I wondered if I could call you Bill.

hw (hallie) farber said...

Is this the complete photograph? The camera usually catches me squinting with my mouth all screwed up. You cropped it, didn't you?

Keep the whitty tick, just to make me squint and wonder what the heck it is.

William Cook said...

Hey PAMO--Thanks for checking in--you know thats a genuine tongue twister. All that comes out is "thuth thayth"

Hi Casey--I couldn't resist it. I was having way too much fun. nobody's ever called me William so much. It took my own mother 40 years before she dropped the y (as in Billy The Great).

Ah Hallie--No, that is the entire shot. No croping. See that dot at the top edge right above my head? That's a push pin hole. It's been pinned to my wall at least 20 years. Thank you for your special whitty tick dispensation, most gracious mum.


Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Ah, but I shall call you "William" because when you first posted on my blog and I saw your name, in its entirety without diminution or truncation, I thought of the great Battle of Hastings and the Conqueror, no Billy or Willy was he, no, but surely and always WILLIAM. And so, I shall call you William and remember the day I stood upon that round rock wall at Hastings and thought about the glory of victory and the man who was and always will be William the Conqueror.

Susan Roux said...

Ok Billy, I got it...

William Cook said...

Hi Katherine--I'll have to go back and look up that blog! That comment has quite a triumphant tone. I love your poetics. Thanks for checkin in. His person is amused. \\///\

William Cook said...

Susan!!! Great to hear from you. I've been so enjoying your strollers. Every one of them has a different personality. Wopnderful series. As for Billy, my brother and sister still call me that, I guess I've gotten used to it. regards, Billy

John Brisson said...

Amusing and humorous post...maybe a little too much 'Brit speak' for my French blood to fully embrace though!

William Cook said...

Hi John- Thanks for checking in. That high brit writing style is so full of itself--way over the top. Even the model I borrowed most of it from for my 'word painting' is hilariously obnoxious. The guy was unabashedly buttering up the King. That said it was the most beautiful example of written English I've ever seen--in sharp contrast to low form we use. Regards. B)

L.W.Roth, said...

Feet firmly planted on the ground is where I want to be with no high hifalutin verbiage to cloak reality. So thanks Bill, never Will but maybe Kilroy for I dig your peek.

William Cook said...

Imagine my surprize when I opened up my prints. Perfect Kilroy shot. First I winced, then just LMAO. Til next time, B)