Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Us Visual Junkies Have To Stay Together

End Of The Roll, 23" X 33" 1979, Inquire here for print.
So what's this supposed to be?  What were you thinknig?  Bullshit, paint like the Barbizons?  You need help.  A monkey could paint that.  I like the red but the spots suck.  I'm sure you know what you're talking about but I'll be damned if I know what you're talking about.  Your teacher studied under Reginald Marsh?  Oh please.  Artists like you are mentally ill.  Yes and how many more of these are there?  Do you have a name.  Come back when you have a name. 

I'm a frickin artist--I don't have to make sense.  I'm misunderstood.  I'm a genius.  I'm on the cutting edge of societal evolution--unchartered territory.  Of coures I'm shunned.  I know--I'll grow a beard and wear black.  I'll show em all.  I should be smokin on a big cigar.  They'll wish they'd have been more polite to me when I'm famous.  Plein Aire.  I got your plenaire right here.  Gimmie that brush. 

Calm down, everything is just fine.  Alright OK already.  I'm going into my studio.  Oh, he's going down the basement--he's in a huff. 



Kathy said...

Wow - an exercise in psychological pugilism! Takes me back to the sixties and my art profs who taught through denegration. Turns out, they were wrong.

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi William
You made me laugh again with this post.
I'll make you a deal: you pay for all my matting and framing, and I'll let you see the installation of my little pastel minis in rows, as you described. :)

William Cook said...

Kathy--I'm not sure what psychological pugilism is, but my right brain just beat the hell out of my left brain, too weak to defend itself I guess. Everythings OK, apparently, I was able to write this note. Wm

William Cook said...

Hello Jala--When I wrote that I hadn't gone to your website. You actually could produce 200 of those, if you havn't already. I looked at everything. Finally I've found another artist who's not afraid to work in all kinds of directions in a wonderful state of joy. Thank you for putting all that stuff in your website. As for matting and framing, how about free artist frames and no glass?

Casey Klahn said...

Rich American patron to Henri Matisse, in his studio,"I don't know what it is!"
Matisse' rejoinder, as he lights a big cigar, "Moi non plus." Which means, neither do I.

William Cook said...

Ah Matisse! Of course. Spot on!

John Brisson said...

Now that posting...along with the comments was fun!!