Friday, February 25, 2011

Stormclouds And Lollypops

Sky With Storm Clouds, 10 X 14, ink, inquire here for print.
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"Turn away, Arjuna, from my world of misery suffering and pain, turn away." Krishna was speaking to the ideal devotee, Arjuna.  "The force, Arjuna," he was saying, "use the force".  Oh wait.  Wrong story.

Actually the whole timeless battle of Kurukshetra was going on in my head as my right brain would just as soon color the whole page black with this double ought Rapidograph, and my left brain stopped me just in the nick of time before the objective was destroyed.  Or was it the other way around with my left brain, delighted with this monolinear extravaganza, stopped by my right brain who insisted on saving something, time being so valuable and all (too much to do)?  Who knows? But when it was finished I needed a smoke. And I don't even smoke.  OK maybe it's a wee bit over worked.  I blame both brains.

Figure From A Stack Of LIFE, 6 X 4, ink, inquire here for print.
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  Then there's that stack of LIFE magazines from the war years.  I spent many an afternoon in awe paging through issue after issue, lamenting history, whiling away the hours, wrapped in the innocent stories of the day.  This study of  Shirley was just for fun.



Jan Yates, SCA said...

that top one takes my breath away--as does your writing--remind me not to visit with limited time!

hw (hallie) farber said...

My left brain wants to count all those double 0 lines. Amazing work. I spent many hours looking through LIFE and FORTUNE magazines--early art lessons.

Jane said...

Incredible work, nothing you do ever leaves you indifferent.

Casey Klahn said...

Sky is wonderful, as is your essay on the war of the lobes.

I spent many, many an happy hour pouring over the war year editions of Time, Life and National Geographic.

William Cook said...

Hey Jan--Wow! What a wild afternoon that would be. Then we could look at the art!

Hi Hallie--I know. What is it about those old magazines?

Thanks Jane for your wonderful comments!

Casey--Geo! Don't get me started. I had to get rid of 75% my Geo collection not long ago. Needed the space. Still in morning. As for the war of the lobes, I just let them battle it out. Like watching an Abbott and Costello routine.