Monday, February 7, 2011

Is David Claton Thomas Still Singing Spinningwheel?

The Piracantha Bush, 30" X 38", oil, inquire here for print.
Another Plein Aire painting only this time I hauled the whole studio out into the back yard.  That's Dave MacLaughlin's appartment on the top floor next door.  He's a retired attorney, but he got the bum's rush last year for being a pack rat. 

Anyway, I know, what does this painting have to do with BS&T?  Nothing whatsoever--except it has been hanging in our dining room since I painted it.  It has become part of the family.  If I ever took it down my wife would have my head on a plate. 

But I have to grow, darlin--try new things--explore.  What if I wanted to hang a big scribbled scrolly canvas with thrown paint tapestry style?  How about a nice Dots and Dash piece scratched with a steel stylus into a tonally prepared substrate like drywall, and framed with snowfencing?

Nothin doin.  I'm starting to feel like that guy having to sing that song at each and every concert for the past forty years.  The poor guy!  My heart goes out to him.  Having to sing that and Lucretia McEvil--he's old enough to be Lucretia's great grandfather.  Either that or Lucretia's pushing 70.  Like, settle down, pop, take it easy!

I know how my wife feels, God love her, I'd be just as guilty at a Thomas concert booing him off the stage because he simply refused to sing Spinningwheel.  I love that song.  But forty years, the poor guy!  At least I can decorate the man cave down here any way I want.

Hang in there, Dave.



Jane said...

When i first saw this post, i didn't realize immediately it was a painting, I thought it was a photograph , and that the painting would show up underneath scrolling down!! Just amazing . I can understand your wife!

William Cook said...

Thanks so much Jane, you're too kind. She's right as usual--it really has become part of the family. Wm