Thursday, January 20, 2011

Artists And Other Right Brainers

Like a Burning Bush, 11" X 14" (or so), 1979, inquire here for print.

This blog is not necessarily about hawking art, although every little bit helps. Its about the creative process and just what goes on in our artist heads. Artists speak in a completely different language. And this stuff needs some sort of outlet--it is not coming out of normal linear sequential thinking. It's more like multi-dimensional thinking full of imagery, poetics, narrative, experiences, memories and so forth, all rolled up together in wonderfully absurd ways.

It's like going to church and bawling your eyes out over the mercies you've been shown after you've distained your fellow man all week, and then blasting some old lady with the horn when you're leaving the parking lot thinking. "Get the hell out of my way you old bag."

No no. Take up painting. Draw. Write memoirs. Sing. Live. Laugh. Swim in the cosmic sea with us. Orchestrate.  And lighten up.  There's a whole right brain out there.   



Anonymous said...

Lighten up indeed! I needed to hear this. Well written too.
I caught your comment on Kathy Cartwright's blog and was intrigued. I look forward to following.

Kathy said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Wm! And, thanks for commenting on one of my posts. Like you, I'm very interested in process but also art theory. There's much to learn and little time to do so. Humans are complex beings, as you note. We mix emotions and logic to formulate our responses to stimuli, which is why we must take time to understand how and why people respond to us and our work the way they do. In my opinion, artists who understand themselves well and are authentic in their artmaking produce works that resonates with most people. That's not a criterion for artmaking, but it's great when someone else "connects." I look forward to reading more of your posts.

BTW -Your work is tremendous!

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi, William. Thanks for your blog visit.
I'll be back too. You made me laugh with the last paragraph here.